Thursday, April 29, 2010

How To Respond Questions

Asked and respond in the interview process should be proportional and implemented in a way to achieve the goal, namely on the one hand the company find suitable employees and applicants obtain jobs in concert with the ability and desire.

Although we hold on the position of equality, but still holds that people who were interviewed should put themselves slightly below the position of interviewer.

Did you know that:

Interviews are not interrogations.
Interview more presentable as a conversation between two people with equal dignity to achieve business deals that will be have mutually beneficial to both parties, just be
humble when undergoing job interview.

Interview is non-negative
Believe me, if you are already in the interview stage, it means you are an honorable candidates.

Interview doesn't prohibit reverse questions.
You may ask the interviewer if necessary and dare welcome.Instead if they are given the opportunity to ask then nothing can ask will interpreted as less interest in the
position provided.

Interview is not yet a decision.
After you exit the interview room was usually the decision is not made yet. There are times when you are called again for the second interview, just prepare yourself better.

It is recommended if you bring yourself to call back to the company or the person who interviewed you for indicate that you are very enthusiastic about the job offered.

Believe it or not, one question that always get enthusiastic response from the interviewer is about his/her own career!, so if addressed "Any questions?" do not hesitate to say "Perhaps the you don't mind to telling me about your career?"

Everyone likes to talk about his career ..

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Don't Talk Too Much

Almost everyone knows the saying "silence is golden", but only a few person understand the meaning and even practice it in daily life.

In the interview, answer the questions without drifting on a desire to improve, just use short sentences and directly hit.

Too long answer can even be interpreted that you are a wishy-washy person, rambling and indecisive in making decisions.

While it's true, maybe it's good to not tell the interviewer that you are a chairman of the Labor Union.

When asked about how to fill in spare time, respond with one or two common positive activities such as: jogging, reading or swimming.

About leisure activities, give impression that you do with your family.

Do not ever tell that you like playing billyard, visiting bars, karaoke bars or sauna.

Do not be provoked to reveal that you do adore a figure/political currents and hated figures/other political currents.

Any company's most afraid to hear that an employee has not been anything to talk baout the law. Trust and avoid bringing the answer to the formal justice, human rights or increase welfare in accordance with applicable laws'although these is a noble ideals.

No needs to confess that you familiar with too many officials (civilian officials, military & police, lawyers, bankers etc) or celebrity, artist, except if the plots was led there and connect with your job in the future.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't Be Too Open

You should not to talk about the things that is not asked in the interview. Talk too open will not shows that you are master in something. On the other hand, talk too open could open more trap for you.

Conversely, too close can also be detrimental, the interviewer will think you hide something about the past, or you're not mastered problem, it will save if you talk in the middle, not too open or too close.

In any case we should not too open? The following illustration may be able to inspire..

Do not too open when you talk about your health, because the work's vitality always interpreted directly related to someone's medical records.

Treated at the hospital because of serious health problems are also dislike because it potentially undermines company cash.

Ever had an accident because of your carelessness? Just save this experience for yourself. Cover tightly!

Ever angry with colleagues? If you open this issue, the exit door even more broadly.

Ever did a corruption? Dare to open this disgrace? Think of yourself..

Ever Flirt with your peers, while you and him/her was married equally? Clearly this is not a story of true love that will invite sympathy.

Enjoys the night life or playing billyard during working hours? This is not an "achievement" that need to open..

Ever had a crush on the boss/boss's wife? It's too dangerous if you open about this.

And, asked or not, don't tell about your sexual orientation (hetero-sexual, homosexual, lesbian or bisexual) but if the question came, just fess normal (heterosexual).

Hope this can helps you..

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

How To Overcome Nervousness During Interview

Nervous suggests of unconfident person. Nerves can also make people become forgetful or it may reflects that the person is not healthy.

There are several things you can do to suppress nervous. One of the suggestions below may be successfully resolve your concerns:

Think about your possibility of success than failure in the interview that will you face soon.

Do something while waiting. Reading or chatting with other people or chewing gum can be a bit overcome the sense of tension.

Use the time to go to the toilet for hand washing, urinating or freshen up.

Observe the waiting room and what is displayed, try to recognize the company from what you see.

If panic disorder is a result of physical or psychic analytically solved it with special drugs.

Imagine a fun things that will be done after interview, for example, go to the mall or buying books together with someone you love.

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Don't Tell The Badside Of Prior Workplace.

Many labor candidate can't resist the temptation to tell about all the bad things in the prior workplace when provoked in an interview.Good or bad is relative, depending on how we look at it, just do not ever talking about the badside of another company.

You must know, almost all of the interviewer actually know that a candidate who applied must have a dissatisfaction in the workplace before, if no,why he/she look for a new workplace?

If we are forced to tell our disappointment at the prior workplace,do it with an elegant language. Some of the following sentence may be inspired you:

"Every company have goodsides and badsides": The company where I work was not a large company, so the company chose the hardest way, I quit because there was a Re-organization.

"I believe that the work environment is more important than big income": I guess I will not improved if I still in that environment.

"I will not improved if I continues to push myself to have career in there": This company seems overly cautious in taking the initiative.

"The company where I had worked very conservative,included in pay employees policy": the scale that used to assessing employee never changes since more than 5 years ago.

"I believe every person have power to argue in any case and no one who can be suppressed because has the opposite opinion with the boss": if I cornered by what I believe is right, I will risking my job.

Do not say:

"Too much work, small Salaries".

"Since the beginning I felt different with the last boss": I was recruited without an interview with him.

"I will be in the same position if I continue this for 10 years".

"The company is too small, I need authority and a greater opportunity"

Good Luck !

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Body Language For Job Interview

Feeling tense during the interview sometimes makes us do something "do-not" that harms us. Overcome a sense of tension such as the lips and hands trembling, toying with stationery, wringing hands and even talking stuttering. Overcome a sense of tension so
that you can back to "normal" with the following things:

Before the Interview:

  • Get some sleep before the interview.
  • Drink a drug if it adder anemic.
  • Maintain health at all times, do not let you interview during a cold.
  • Keep your dental health, imagine if you have an interview when something wrong with your teeth!
  • Confident to face interviews.
  • Try not to argument with someone the day before the interview.
  • Do not be too serious watching the news/gossip.

During The Interview:

  • Do not sit with crossed feet, it's look arrogant, women still have tolerated as long as it's not exposed your body part.
  • Take drink only as needed if provided, do not immediately spent.
  • If you sneeze or cough, cover it with a handkerchief.
  • Try hard not to yawn during the interview
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Resist the temptation to answer questions while gesticulating/limbs.
  • Avoid answered only by nodding/shaking your head.
  • Be polite, note there may be cameras in the corner.

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Style And Performance For Job Interviews

Style and appearance is showing our self, although not all people can be judged only from the style and appearance. To deal with job interviews, first confirm what the position we applied , so we can determine how we must appear. We must clean and simple to come to a job interview, it follows a few tips:

For Men:
  • Use the Conservative-Formal dress is the most easy to follow, namely white top and black pants.
  • Walking with a sturdy, do not limp.
  • Firm and steady voice, do not comment too much.
  • Look at the people who met with polite.
  • Do not touch the other person for the first time you met.
  • Hair neat, not hairy.
  • Shook hands warmly.
  • Not too much wear accessory.
  • Shoes should be formal, dark and looked well groomed.

For Women:
  • Choose good textile that is not glazed, preferably long sleeved.
  • Do not wear clothing too tight.
  • If use skirt, should be at least 3cm above the knee with a straight model with a dark color.
  • Do not use too many accessories, especially the larger size.
  • Bring proper briefcase.
  • Use your loafers with the right of being closed.
  • Dress appropriately for the long hair should be tied with a simple clamp.
  • Use fragrance but don't excessive.

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Mistakes On Job Interview

This day..,still there are people who fail in an interview due to repeating the same mistakes.Here are the mistakes most people make when preparing themselves for a live interview:

Try to come 15 minutes before the Interview, to late will stamp us directly on the negative since the beginning.

Go to the toilet to freshen up before the interview, do not come with hair matted and unkempt.

Be serious to face the interview, even if we had been working, do not greet it half-heartedly. Disparaging attitude will be reflected in our behavior and how we
respond unconsciously, usually the answer becomes less weighty.

If you can't look into the interviewer eyes straightly, just look at the middle of his/her eyes to surpasses your feeling than only wiped your sweat, trembled or bent down.

5.Annoyed The Interviewer
Do not annoy the interviewer with attitude, such as spilled drinks, unpolite staring or responded with disparaging words, eg: "it's easyy...".

6.Ask too high
Ask salary of not more than one half of your previous salary, or to temporarily join the company standards for fresh graduate.

7.Too Short Answer
Answering the interviewer too short when the interviewer need a complete answer will make us look incompetent or uninterested in the job offered.

8.Informal Language
Use formal language in an interview, do not say arbitrarily.

In a small thing especially big thing, avoid lying or cocky and think little of something.

10.No Chemistry
Recognize that there is sometimes a kind of "obstacles" that are difficult to penetrate. Try and try again to learn to cultivate our chemistry to others.

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