Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't Tell The Badside Of Prior Workplace.

Many labor candidate can't resist the temptation to tell about all the bad things in the prior workplace when provoked in an interview.Good or bad is relative, depending on how we look at it, just do not ever talking about the badside of another company.

You must know, almost all of the interviewer actually know that a candidate who applied must have a dissatisfaction in the workplace before, if no,why he/she look for a new workplace?

If we are forced to tell our disappointment at the prior workplace,do it with an elegant language. Some of the following sentence may be inspired you:

"Every company have goodsides and badsides": The company where I work was not a large company, so the company chose the hardest way, I quit because there was a Re-organization.

"I believe that the work environment is more important than big income": I guess I will not improved if I still in that environment.

"I will not improved if I continues to push myself to have career in there": This company seems overly cautious in taking the initiative.

"The company where I had worked very conservative,included in pay employees policy": the scale that used to assessing employee never changes since more than 5 years ago.

"I believe every person have power to argue in any case and no one who can be suppressed because has the opposite opinion with the boss": if I cornered by what I believe is right, I will risking my job.

Do not say:

"Too much work, small Salaries".

"Since the beginning I felt different with the last boss": I was recruited without an interview with him.

"I will be in the same position if I continue this for 10 years".

"The company is too small, I need authority and a greater opportunity"

Good Luck !

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