Sunday, April 25, 2010

Don't Talk Too Much

Almost everyone knows the saying "silence is golden", but only a few person understand the meaning and even practice it in daily life.

In the interview, answer the questions without drifting on a desire to improve, just use short sentences and directly hit.

Too long answer can even be interpreted that you are a wishy-washy person, rambling and indecisive in making decisions.

While it's true, maybe it's good to not tell the interviewer that you are a chairman of the Labor Union.

When asked about how to fill in spare time, respond with one or two common positive activities such as: jogging, reading or swimming.

About leisure activities, give impression that you do with your family.

Do not ever tell that you like playing billyard, visiting bars, karaoke bars or sauna.

Do not be provoked to reveal that you do adore a figure/political currents and hated figures/other political currents.

Any company's most afraid to hear that an employee has not been anything to talk baout the law. Trust and avoid bringing the answer to the formal justice, human rights or increase welfare in accordance with applicable laws'although these is a noble ideals.

No needs to confess that you familiar with too many officials (civilian officials, military & police, lawyers, bankers etc) or celebrity, artist, except if the plots was led there and connect with your job in the future.

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