Saturday, April 17, 2010

Style And Performance For Job Interviews

Style and appearance is showing our self, although not all people can be judged only from the style and appearance. To deal with job interviews, first confirm what the position we applied , so we can determine how we must appear. We must clean and simple to come to a job interview, it follows a few tips:

For Men:
  • Use the Conservative-Formal dress is the most easy to follow, namely white top and black pants.
  • Walking with a sturdy, do not limp.
  • Firm and steady voice, do not comment too much.
  • Look at the people who met with polite.
  • Do not touch the other person for the first time you met.
  • Hair neat, not hairy.
  • Shook hands warmly.
  • Not too much wear accessory.
  • Shoes should be formal, dark and looked well groomed.

For Women:
  • Choose good textile that is not glazed, preferably long sleeved.
  • Do not wear clothing too tight.
  • If use skirt, should be at least 3cm above the knee with a straight model with a dark color.
  • Do not use too many accessories, especially the larger size.
  • Bring proper briefcase.
  • Use your loafers with the right of being closed.
  • Dress appropriately for the long hair should be tied with a simple clamp.
  • Use fragrance but don't excessive.

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