Thursday, April 29, 2010

How To Respond Questions

Asked and respond in the interview process should be proportional and implemented in a way to achieve the goal, namely on the one hand the company find suitable employees and applicants obtain jobs in concert with the ability and desire.

Although we hold on the position of equality, but still holds that people who were interviewed should put themselves slightly below the position of interviewer.

Did you know that:

Interviews are not interrogations.
Interview more presentable as a conversation between two people with equal dignity to achieve business deals that will be have mutually beneficial to both parties, just be
humble when undergoing job interview.

Interview is non-negative
Believe me, if you are already in the interview stage, it means you are an honorable candidates.

Interview doesn't prohibit reverse questions.
You may ask the interviewer if necessary and dare welcome.Instead if they are given the opportunity to ask then nothing can ask will interpreted as less interest in the
position provided.

Interview is not yet a decision.
After you exit the interview room was usually the decision is not made yet. There are times when you are called again for the second interview, just prepare yourself better.

It is recommended if you bring yourself to call back to the company or the person who interviewed you for indicate that you are very enthusiastic about the job offered.

Believe it or not, one question that always get enthusiastic response from the interviewer is about his/her own career!, so if addressed "Any questions?" do not hesitate to say "Perhaps the you don't mind to telling me about your career?"

Everyone likes to talk about his career ..

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