Saturday, May 1, 2010

Standard Questions And The Answer (1)

Unless asked to repeat and confirm the information in your curriculum vitae, the interviewer always asked some standard questions. Called standard because no matter which position studied, regardless company, morning, afternoon or evening, the question always there.

Because the question is standard, also the answer.Please answer all questions in accordance with standard information that had previously give.

A. About Education And Experience

Education which normally referred to the interviewer is highest education you achieve. If you hold two degree or have more than one diploma, tell it both. Mention which is more associated with the job first.

If you asked to talks about work experience, please note:

Focus to the story on the previous work experience that very closely related to your future work.

Tell only a successful stories.
Bad experience related to your disability overcome the problem, it would be very detrimental to your self-image. Prepare your success stories from home.

Practice makes organizational chart at last workplace.

B. About Interest, Ability and Talent

An intelligent interviewer would dredge up arguments why are you interested in the position offered. Your answer should focus on the field or position chased, Answer:

- "Since first I really like this field"
- "My goal is to be .."
- 'I believe this work can give me the opportunity to develop in accordance with my interests and abilities "
- "This work is in accordance with the education, experience
My devotion and intention "

Do not forget to express your talenty ever spawn achievement. Make sure also that such talent useful to support your work.

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