Saturday, May 29, 2010

Solve Your Career Stagnation

You feel your career stuck ...? you stuck on the same responsibility, even the salary is in the sama line. Meanwhile, you feel like you're working hard, discipline and no problems with your boss. So what's wrong? Maybe you feel that you are correct and working according to the procedure.
But maybe you were not quick enough or too less bold step to express ideas. For that, try to identify things that can solve your career stagnation:

Customize your step with the company
You need to adjustyour work rythm to the rhythms of the company.If the rhythm of the companies are moving with high speed, you can not take it easy while waiting on payday? If you do you will be far behind and there was no progress whatever you get.

Learn the corporate culture
Corporate culture to one another is clearly different. Starting from the office hours until the ordinances of dress, even how to get along also differ between one office
with another office. Well, you are required to be flexible to adapt yourself with the prevailing culture in the company. It's pretty influential tablets in your career.

Make A Leap
If you think you've worked up but there is no progress, possible you need to make the leap and breakthrough to become the best person . If you are a small chance of
promotion, you may have to find ways to be more prominent than others. Propose some brilliant ideas and daring. Or proposing to engage yourself in the company to handle large projects. Do not fear failure before trying it.

Learning From Competitors
Do you have a rival in the office? If yes, try to see what the competitors are and what has not been done. You have to start doing different. Create a buzz that has not been done. Thus you have created a new selling point for the promotion of your career.

Write Your Plan
There are good you rewrite your career life plan up to five years. Updated details scenario of your life. For example the pace, competition, long-term growth options, risk, revenue targets, creative ideas proposed, and the facts about the promotion. Then copy it to the list of your promotional plan.

Discussions With Supervisor
Notify and discuss your plans and your ideas to your superiors. Ask for input and advice from him/her. See the boss's reaction, whether supportive or otherwise. If the
boss gives you a good response, you can hoping to get a promotion.

Already did everything? If you've done it with consistent and persistent, but you remain stuck your career might be it is a time you need to glance at the new path
that is more prospective. Do not be afraid to switch to other fields. In this case more willingness to play a role in addition to your ability to start playing on a new path.

Good luck ..!


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