Sunday, May 16, 2010

Answering Questions About Health

If you ever have to suffer the stigma caused by extraordinary events, you should save it for yourself. because if it expressed, it would affect to the results of the interview, even you claim that you have successfully overcome it, just discuss it with the another who have the same experience,how to face this situation.
But if you don't have any problems and you just an ordinary people like other,face the questions about health as below:

Did you ever seriously ill, so need to stay in the hospital within the past one year?
Ideal answer to this question is of course "never". No company wants to disadvantaged by pay the cost of hospital, although there are companies rely on insurance services.

Whether you've had surgery, what type and when?
Well, the operation (in the sense of medical surgery, not plastic surgery ) suggests someone has severe disease.Please answer "never". If ever, think positive that you've
only had a small operation whereas the purpose of the above questions is a major operation.

Do you used drugs? and what kind?
The expected answer is "negative", so please answer it with "never".

Are you suffering from one kind of phobia (height, dark, narrow, etc)?
These questions is professional,it is in the interest of applicants as well. Apart from pass the interview or not, you should answer with honest.
If your fear of a condition or something but not extreme at all until classified phobia, answer it with "no."

Do you smoke?
Companies who ask this question in an interview certainly no respect for a smoker. If you are a smoker and your characteristics as a heavy smoker seems clear, whatever you
say, you likely would not pass the interview.
If you are a light smoker, please answer this question with "no", but please remove the smoking habit,so you are not accused of lying besides you are not contribute pollute the environment.

Do you suffer from health disorders or sporadic may hinder your work?
Companies looking for people who really healthy, answer this questions with "no" or you would not compete with other candidates who "hassle free". Do not lift instability imperfections to the surface of your physical condition!

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