Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why You Quit Or Dismissed?

This is a difficult question to answer by most people, either by those who quit or dismissed, moreover if you dishonorably fired.
There are several common reasons why a person quit or dismissed. Here are some examples and tactics revealing:

Pursuing Higher Salaries.
In order not impressed just chasing money, don't forget to said that in addition to get higher salaries you also get better facilities and have the more opportunity to develop careers in the new company.

Not Suitable With a Colleague
Do not let your reason to change job because you are not cooperated with others be your boomerang that you are a difficult person, selfish and could not work together in teams. Answered it with a sad expression that you are the victim.

Disturbed by the Work Environment.
You should be more specific to what you describe intended as an uncomfortable environment. Work environment includes the location of work (the conditions and situations workplace) and social environments (which consists of people).

Fulfilling the Family Will
This is a relatively safe, except if you are applying for job positions and responsibilities that same or similar.

Victim Depreciation Corporation
If you want to say that you are dismissed because company depreciates, make sure that you are The last member of the group dismissed, not the first useless aside.

Due to Force Majeure
Very secure when we say stop working because unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters or conditions of the global crisis.

Bankrupt Company
This reason is just right it is not necessary to add any additional reason.

Rejecting Night Hours
This only be used as an excuse if you're not interviewed for the job also expect your night duty.

Moved To Other Cities
Prior to raise this issue, make sure that the new job do not require you to move around the place.

Companies break a promise
These reasons must be made with carefully, create the impression that you are a lot of demanding, that you've dedicated for a long time but you never received an adequate reward.

Make Mistakes
You need to be careful if you want to reveal this reason however you want to be honest. You Should reveal other reasons in this article rather than admitted that you
discharged because of a big mistakes.

Criminal Cases Involved
Never tempt fate by saying what it is in an interview that you've committed a crime so that was fired from a job. Please think of or choose other reasons.

Challenging Boss
Fight the boss is not a model that ought to be proud. So you should not openly admit that you fired because of hostile boss.

Prolonged Illness
If you are recovering from a long illness, it is fair if you applying for job again, but don't too honest about the duration of your illness, if you are ill three months, just say three weeks.

This really should not happen anywhere, but in fact there are still such a company,although not too extreme. For people who are very sensitive, it is good enough reason you quit.

Experiencing Sexual Harassment
If from the beginning you will put forward this argument,dress extra polite when interview, so the interviewer not think that you 'invite' the sexual harassment. Strongly suggests that you are really disgusted and do not hesitate to sue the perpetrators if you face the same situations everywhere.

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