Saturday, May 1, 2010

Standard Questions And The Answer (2)

For those who aren't the first time to looking for job and want to move and get a new job, you need to prepare some reason to answer the questions from the interviewer.
You can just answers it honesty, but if you concern to the impact of your answers, not in all situations you should be honest, even you don't suggest to lie.

Here are some examples that you deserve to learn before answering the question "Why are you looking for a new job? "

-Want to improve is relatively safe answers
-Desiring to try another career path.
-Do not say that you moved because of avoiding any difficulties or run away from the pressures that do not work conducive, this will show that you give up easily, and avoid responsibility.
-Do not bring reason to move because of personally reasons, for example, often sick, must care for a parent or have to drive often late because of children school.
there are no companies that want to be number two.

About Salaries

When it came to the question "How much salary you requested?" it means you've pass to answer all the previous questions. Do not make a wrong answer on this last question so that will ruin all of which have been successfull sympathetic impression that you build before.

-Fixed Salary: fixed salary amount you receive each month
-Position allowance: given as an additional responsibility replied that you carry.
-Family Allowance: given to those who have married
-Lunch Allowance: extra given for one lunch
-Transport Allowance: Substitute money transport from home to office within a reasonable radius
-Overtime money: money that is paid based on a count excess office hours
-Business Trip money: the amount of money you receive when assigned out of town on overtime hours or you should stay
-Commission: The percentage you earn directly from the value sales achieved
-Incentives: almost the same as a commission, calculated on the basis certain conditions
-Bonus: a gift for those who achieve extraordinary achievement
-Gratuity: part of the company's profit, normally distributed at end of the year
-Holiday Allowance: money for Religious Holyday
-Insurance Premiums: usually deducted directly from your salary if you are registered insurance

If you are new or this is your first job, do not ask the salary too high.

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