Saturday, May 29, 2010

Facing Many Interviewer

Keep in mind, no matter how many people interviewed, not to make you nervous or worried. Generally, all the interviewer will ultimately lead to a decision.

The interviewer may allegedly have close structural and functional relationship to one another. For example your prospective financial department staff, may be in addition to financial managers and HRD, you also asked by the head of accounting or marketing.

You are not in the position and capacity may be refused, when interviewed by more than one person, so what can you do is complete the interview without the need to respond to terms emotionally.

Treat all the interviewer with good behavior. That is not unctuous only to one interviewer. Differences of opinion among the interviewer will only hurt you. Because if no agreement is reached between them, the interviewer is likely to shift to another candidate who is more fair and neutral attitude towards them all.

Try to guess the position of each interviewer fatherly know the capacity and interests they are party to the interview.
Facing interviews with many interviewer, remember:

-Do not panic, it makes no difference 10 questions come from one mouth compared with two questions each by five mouths.

-Serve all the asker with the same attitude and friendliness.

-Try to impress all of the interviewer, either when you interviewed by them simultaneously in one room, or if you are interviewed separately by each interviewer independently in their own room.

good luck!

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