Sunday, May 16, 2010

Answering Questions About Privacy

A single woman is often asked, "Do you have a plan to get married in the next few months? "as often as his companion, a woman married to a question,"Do you have plans to have children in the next few months?"
About this question a 'human rights activist' must be angry, but many job applicants who "forced" to answer not as a 'human rights activist" if you don't want to lose the
oportunity to get a job.

Some discriminatory questions are only asked to women, not to men, including questions about plans to get married and have kids. However, whether you are male especially female, get ready! Learn this following "trap question" and the answer:

Do you have plans to get married in the next few months?
Just say "no" except your wedding invitation was ready. Even if you later marry, the risk is not would be worse than fired. Believe if love can solve many problems, including the employment problems.

Do you have plans to have children in the next few months?
If you really want the job, please answer it with "no" or "I will definitely balancing personal life with the interests of the company, including if I have plans to pregnat. "Look at the bright side, normally you are not tied by regulations
that you should not have children for a long time. If the job is really important for you, postpone plans to have children for one year.

Do you use contraception and what kind is it?
Also wonder if there are such questions in an interview, just answer it with a half-truth and half-authored ..

Who would be your dependents?
The purpose of this question is to find a balance between load and your income will be. Companies worried if you have many dependents then you will endanger the company. So please answer this question by mention minimum figures.

Companies who really want to tie the prospective applicants could have held out a letter that outlines the agreement clause "will not marry during the contract" for eliminate the possibility of applicants lie, for instance in selection of candidates for flight attendants.

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