Sunday, May 16, 2010

Answering Questions About the Plus And Minus

What is your Plus and Minus?
Do not get stuck to telling stories that showed deficiencies in terms of your health and bad habits. That you are not perfect, beside you, other people have generally understood that.
It is understandable that the company hopes to filter a candidates who are physically and mentally healthy, in addition to having knowledge, expertise and experience
adequately. It doesn't mean the candidates who joined the interview should have a perfect physical condition like an athlete or a pilot.

About the minus or weaknesses, should answer, "we know everyone has flaws and weaknesses, but at the momentI don't see any specific weaknesses that may hinder my work, if I have, I will try to fix it soon".

Instead, bring the answer to reinforce the advantages and your strength: "I am strong in identifying problems and finding the right strategy to solve them. I also pleased to work with colleagues as a team.I'm good at motivating people and have the insight and relationships an extensive and easy to socialize. "

Whether you are a star field or team player?
If the question is like this, answer that you are a team player, if you answered that you are a super star, it will give an arogan impression , besides the normal company
never look for a single fighter.

Which one first: business or personal interests?
Do not get stuck or in doubt with replied, "it depends ..". The answer they want to hear is "The interests of the Company is number one! "

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