Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't Be Too Open

You should not to talk about the things that is not asked in the interview. Talk too open will not shows that you are master in something. On the other hand, talk too open could open more trap for you.

Conversely, too close can also be detrimental, the interviewer will think you hide something about the past, or you're not mastered problem, it will save if you talk in the middle, not too open or too close.

In any case we should not too open? The following illustration may be able to inspire..

Do not too open when you talk about your health, because the work's vitality always interpreted directly related to someone's medical records.

Treated at the hospital because of serious health problems are also dislike because it potentially undermines company cash.

Ever had an accident because of your carelessness? Just save this experience for yourself. Cover tightly!

Ever angry with colleagues? If you open this issue, the exit door even more broadly.

Ever did a corruption? Dare to open this disgrace? Think of yourself..

Ever Flirt with your peers, while you and him/her was married equally? Clearly this is not a story of true love that will invite sympathy.

Enjoys the night life or playing billyard during working hours? This is not an "achievement" that need to open..

Ever had a crush on the boss/boss's wife? It's too dangerous if you open about this.

And, asked or not, don't tell about your sexual orientation (hetero-sexual, homosexual, lesbian or bisexual) but if the question came, just fess normal (heterosexual).

Hope this can helps you..

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