Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mistakes On Job Interview

This day..,still there are people who fail in an interview due to repeating the same mistakes.Here are the mistakes most people make when preparing themselves for a live interview:

Try to come 15 minutes before the Interview, to late will stamp us directly on the negative since the beginning.

Go to the toilet to freshen up before the interview, do not come with hair matted and unkempt.

Be serious to face the interview, even if we had been working, do not greet it half-heartedly. Disparaging attitude will be reflected in our behavior and how we
respond unconsciously, usually the answer becomes less weighty.

If you can't look into the interviewer eyes straightly, just look at the middle of his/her eyes to surpasses your feeling than only wiped your sweat, trembled or bent down.

5.Annoyed The Interviewer
Do not annoy the interviewer with attitude, such as spilled drinks, unpolite staring or responded with disparaging words, eg: "it's easyy...".

6.Ask too high
Ask salary of not more than one half of your previous salary, or to temporarily join the company standards for fresh graduate.

7.Too Short Answer
Answering the interviewer too short when the interviewer need a complete answer will make us look incompetent or uninterested in the job offered.

8.Informal Language
Use formal language in an interview, do not say arbitrarily.

In a small thing especially big thing, avoid lying or cocky and think little of something.

10.No Chemistry
Recognize that there is sometimes a kind of "obstacles" that are difficult to penetrate. Try and try again to learn to cultivate our chemistry to others.

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